4K 60HZ

4K 60hz

Radeon RX 5700 XT

Previously in this spot my recommendation was a used 1080ti. In my recent review of the RX 5700 XT I found that in many instances it matches the 1080ti at 4K, especially if you are willing to drop your settings down to the “High” preset rather than “Ultra”. Considering the jump upwards in terms of visual quality along with higher framerates is so steep price-wise, paying $400 for a GPU that will get you there with only a few compromises seems like a great option. In the instances where the 5700XT doesn’t have the grunt for 4K60, you can use Radeon Image Sharpening to increase your framerates. Check the forum for a comparison between uncompressed 4K versus uncompressed 1440p with this feature turned on, to see for yourself that the sharpening feature produces a very serviceable 4K experience when the XT falls short at native.

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