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Radeon 6900XT specs leak. Competes with RTX 3090.

Youtuber Paul Kelly from the PC enthusiast channel “Not an Apple Fan” today dropped a bombshell regarding the upcoming AMD RDNA2 gpus, revealing that the top GPU will indeed be the 6900XT which will probably compete directly with NVidia’s Flagship RTX 3090.

According to Paul – who I can attest has been correct with information on multiple occasions in the past – the 6900XT features 80 Compute Units and boosts to 2.2Ghz.

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Recently on twitter I published that AMD was testing N21 ASICs at 2100Mhz+ to assess stability, information that I got from other sources. My expectation was that this would come at the expense of disabling Compute Units though, so perhaps to something like 56/64. Typically the more cores a GPU has the lower the frequency it can reach. If Paul’s sources are correct however, then AMD’s 6900XT should be a contender for performance leadership this generation (at least until NVidia responds with something of their own).

Paul also mentions “better than 50%” efficiency compared to RDNA1.

A lot of orange!

While Paul isn’t certain of memory configuration he speculates that it’s likely going to feature 16Gb of GDDR6. In a recent video I speculated that while highly unlikely, it would be possible for AMD to be preparing an HBM version of N21 to compete at the very top of the stack, and while that is not out of the question Paul seems to agree with me that this is unlikely.

6900XT to possibly compete with NVidia’s RTX 3090, but…

It’s important to note that my own sources have consistently said that Navi21 will top out at “2080ti performance + 15%” and haven’t deviated from that even after pressed with Paul’s information. But it’s equally important to remember that a similar situation happened when AMD launched the Radeon VII at CES last year where the leaks scene disregarded the possibility of a 7nm based Vega GPU which ended up materializing (a point Paul also makes in the video). Hopefully the information I received is wrong and AMD’s top SKU is indeed competing with the RTX 3090, as Paul suggests.

If Not An Apple Fan‘s information is accurate then NVidia will be forced to respond with “ti” or “Super” variants of Ampere, which would be great news for gamers. Competition will hopefully make for a healthier GPU market.

AMD is set to announce (and possibly launch) the new RDNA2 based GPUs on the 28th of October.

All aboard the AMD Hype Train, choo choo!


6 thoughts on “Radeon 6900XT specs leak. Competes with RTX 3090.

  1. Not an apple fan was right on several occasions yes. But his overal track record is awful I would not take his word on anything same as moore’s law is dead who seemed to change his words after ampere’s launch and claimed that he was saying it from the start (which he clearly wasn’t) all a bunch of loud mouths. I’m in now way saying ampere was a good launch (price wise maybe but the architecture is pretty underwhelming) but these guys have rdna 2.0 shoved up there *sses to much

  2. @andrew, dude the 3090 is 10% faster at double the price of the 3080! an extra $750 i think your joke about the 780ti kinda fell flat for a lot of us.

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