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RTX 3060 – Exclusive pictures and pricing

Probably the most anticipated GPU of the year – especially for NVidia fans – the various AIB RTX 3060 have arrived at retailers. The 60 class GPU from NVidia has traditionally been the best seller in the line-up for gamers looking for the best value for money, but at these prices looks like budget conscious gamers might have to wait for the 50 class GPU, or perhaps the rumored soon to be announced 6700s from rivals AMD.
(Spoiler: those will likely be pretty expensive too, sorry)

Retail prices are as follows for each of the models:

  • MSI Gaming X Trio $514.99
  • MSI VentusX2 $484.99
  • Zotac Gaming $499.99
  • Asus Strix $499.99
  • Asus TUF $489.99

Remember when 60 class cards cost $249? Those were the days.

MSI Gaming X
MSI Gaming X

Asus TUF

MSI Ventus2X

Zotac Gaming

MSI Gaming X zoomed in
Asus Strix zoomed in
MSI Ventus2X zoomed in

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