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Viotek GFV24C


24” 1080p VA at 144Hz, FreeSync + G-Sync Compatible.
Verdict: Great option if you’re on a super tight budget. Great for competitive shooters and BR games.

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Pixio PXC243


24” 1080p Curved VA at 144Hz, with FreeSync.
Verdict: Similar to the Viotek above but with a curved monitor if that’s your preference.

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Acer XFA240


24” 1080p TN at 144Hz, with FreeSync + G-Sync Compatible.
Verdict: It’s TN based so don’t expect great picture quality compared to VA or IPS, but it will give you fast response times and lower latency. Great budget option for competitive shooters like Battlefield or Call of Duty.

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Pixio PXC273


27” 1080p Curved VA at 144Hz, with FreeSync.
Verdict: A slightly larger screen than the other options. Pixio has some of the best specs/price ratio out there, and this is one of their cheapest monitors. Great if you prefer sitting further away from the monitor when gaming.

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Honorable Mentions

Sceptre E255B-1658A


25” 1080p TN at 165Hz, with FreeSync.
Verdict: One of the cheapest 165Hz monitors out there that doesn’t sacrifice (much) on specs. If you absolutely need 165Hz and don’t have a lot to spend this monitor will deliver.

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Footnotes: *prices at the time of writing. There are constant sales and prices changes. Due diligence recommended before purchasing. **This is an aggregate of hundreds of reviews online as well as my own personal experience with some of the monitors

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