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    Hello guys,

    I’m planning to upgrade my PC to AMD and just wanted to check with you if what I have planned is okay, just you know I’m on the limit of my budget –

    MoBo – Asus Z170 Pro – Intended MSi B450 Tomahawk
    CPU – i5-6500 – Intended Ryzen 3600
    RAM – 2x8GB 2400Mhz CAS Latency 15
    PSU – Seasoninc SSR-650FX
    GPU – 1070TI Palit Dual
    Cooling – Scythe Fuma with two 140MM fans + two additional on the Case
    Case – Fractal Design R5 Standard

    The only issue that I have with that build is that the MSI MoBo does not have optical audio port and I would need to purchase Crative SoundBlaster Z as Audiocard

    I use my PC primarily for gaming and multimedia (my audio and video go though the PC and the TV is connected – Flack audio and Bluray video).

    My monitor is 60Mhz and 2560×1920 Res and I don’t intend to change it in the next 12 months.

    The games that I primarily play are – WoW, Diablo, PoE, Wolcen, Last Epoch etc.

    Thanks in advance



    Hey, that looks good to me, the 3600 is a good pairing with the 1070ti. The Tomahawk also has BIOS flash so it’s easy to update to support 3rd gen Ryzen. The system would greatly benefit from higher clocked memory, but if you can’t push your budget then that one will work fine for the games you play.



    Hi Coreteks,

    Thanks for the fast replay, can you recommend a possible alternative to the Tomahawk. The board is great (VRM etc.) but due to the lack of optical audio line-out I need to buy a desecrate Audi card which is something that I try to avoid.

    While I was doing my research all the boards that were being recommended are only with analog audio ports.

    Also do you have any idea when the Tomahawk MAX is going to be released, as it turned out that the BIOS chip on the Tomahawk is too small and the BIOS update is actually a stripped down version of the standard MSI BIOS?

    Kind regards,



    If you want a B450 ATX board with TOSLINK you don’t have many options

    – Gigabyte Aorus Pro
    – ASUS ROG Strix
    – MSI Gaming Pro Carbon AC



    Like nurso said, that’s a high-end feature so you’ll be mostly limited as far as options go. I think a few of the X570 boards also have optical line-out, but they tend to be pricey also.

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