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    1. No NSFW Content

    Although mature content is allowed, (news, history, etc.) NSFW content, including nudity, graphic sexual content, gore, etc, is not allowed. This applies to both real and animated content (i.e. ‘plot’ gifs, nsfw anime content, etc).

    2. No Religious or Political Content

    Religious and political discussions frequently become divisive arguments and are outside the scope of this forum. Because trade tensions between the US and China have a high impact on tech and semis, that is allowed as long as it’s within the context of technology, not ideology.

    3. No Illegal Content

    Posting or linking to any content considered illegal in the USA and EU is forbidden. This can include, but is not limited to: pirated software, downloads of copyrighted materials you do not have permissions to redistribute, grey market keys or similar.

    4. Off-topic/low-effort Posts May be Moved or Removed.

    Off-topic chatting should be reserved for the Coreteks Discord Server (currently patrons only) Moderators reserve the right to move or remove posts when they are off-topic/low-effort to the original post or if they are derailing a thread.

    5. No Doxing or Impersonation

    Impersonation of any member of the community (including staff) is not tolerated. Doxing 257 of any member of the community is not tolerated.

    6. No Discrimination of any Kind

    Racism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination is not allowed on these forums. We want to welcome everyone to our forums, no matter their skin color, sex, gender, or sexual orientation. Derogatory terms meant to belittle or insult users will not be tolerated.

    7. No self-promotion or Spam

    Spam posters will be immediately blocked and deleted. Self-promoting posts will be removed unless it becomes a habit, then the poster will be removed. (Self-promotion applies to any post aimed at making profit off of clicks, products, or website visits.)

    8. Have fun and keep things non-toxic

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    • This topic was modified 2 months, 1 week ago by  coreteks.
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