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    Any benchmarks you want to see? Let me know and I’ll test (games, etc)



    Average, 27.5 FPS
    1% low, 20.0 FPS

    Average, 26.4 FPS
    1% low, 17.5 FPS

    (1080ti was getting bottlenecked though, I’ll try and create a scenario in the game where the GPU isn’t taxed so heavily)



    (GTX 1080ti)
    Fortnite 1080p
    02-07-2019, 06:15:07 FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe benchmark completed, 21162 frames rendered in 115.546 s
    Average framerate : 183.1 FPS
    Minimum framerate : 155.2 FPS
    Maximum framerate : 219.9 FPS
    1% low framerate : 126.2 FPS
    0.1% low framerate : 54.8 FPS
    02-07-2019, 06:15:42 FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe benchmark completed, 4679 frames rendered in 24.438 s
    Average framerate : 191.4 FPS
    Minimum framerate : 177.9 FPS
    Maximum framerate : 209.5 FPS
    1% low framerate : 101.3 FPS
    0.1% low framerate : 12.8 FPS
    02-07-2019, 06:16:55 FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe benchmark completed, 7292 frames rendered in 43.469 s
    Average framerate : 167.7 FPS
    Minimum framerate : 151.8 FPS
    Maximum framerate : 194.1 FPS
    1% low framerate : 122.4 FPS
    0.1% low framerate : 49.0 FPS

    Fortnite 1440p
    02-07-2019, 06:21:25 FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe benchmark completed, 7931 frames rendered in 58.782 s
    Average framerate : 134.9 FPS
    Minimum framerate : 120.3 FPS
    Maximum framerate : 148.3 FPS
    1% low framerate : 96.3 FPS
    0.1% low framerate : 49.1 FPS
    02-07-2019, 06:22:13 FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe benchmark completed, 3324 frames rendered in 24.828 s
    Average framerate : 133.8 FPS
    Minimum framerate : 123.6 FPS
    Maximum framerate : 145.9 FPS
    1% low framerate : 105.2 FPS
    0.1% low framerate : 78.0 FPS
    02-07-2019, 06:22:59 FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe benchmark completed, 3488 frames rendered in 28.032 s
    Average framerate : 124.4 FPS
    Minimum framerate : 118.1 FPS
    Maximum framerate : 136.2 FPS
    1% low framerate : 91.2 FPS
    0.1% low framerate : 23.0 FPS



    Forza Horizon 4 (GTX 1080ti)
    Average, 100
    min, 91

    Average, 81
    min, 73



    Hey there,

    on the next batch of games could you please include World Of Warcraft ?

    Thank you !



    Hey. Is there a free trial for Wow? I don’t want to pay a subscription just to do benchmarks XD Or maybe a test server?



    My bad, i don’t know why i assume that everybody should have a world of warcraft interest.

    I thought of it and, I think you could use a class trial, instant level 110, on the Public Test Realm (PTR) client.
    But benchmarking this game is kinda hard because is very much cpu intensive in crowded zones, something you might not find on the PTR :).
    So if you have the time and patience to get trough the starting level 110 class trial “crap”, you could at lest do a taxi benchmark between 2 flight points in game, at level 10, 7, 5 graphic settings.
    Ex: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759341447

    Thank your for your time even if you won’t invest in this benchmark as i understand without having played the game it’s kinda hard to do.

    ps. Loved the 3000 series youtube review.



    I don’t expect you to really have these results but it would be intresting to see 1440p medium settings benchmarks from 9900K vs 3900X in Quake Champions. I expect these to be mostly GPU bound but at medium settings who knows. QC despite being in closed beta and early access for years now is one of my favorite games i play every day. Aside from Hardware Unboxed (occasionally) no one else benchmarks it.

    Thankfully the game is F2P. For testing i suggest playing in Practice mode. Occasionally you’ll be paired with a human player but mostly it’s you vs bots.
    Unfortunately the F2P version does not allow customn games so it’s hard to make benchmarks consistant by controlling most variables. Best i can recommend is playing in the same map and in the same mode. For mode select team deathmatch or TDM. It has fixed 10 minute time limit or 50 kill score limit but no one except pro players reach that many kills before the time limit.

    So aside from adjusting the graphics settings preset to medium there is no need to adjust anything else really. Maybe the data center to connect to but playing against bots it’s not so important. I play at higher FOV but i fear that adjusting this to the 140 (max) value increases the GPU load instead. And the fish eye effect may cause headaches for some people. For map i suggest Burial Chamber as it’s one of the biggest maps and i seem to have some framedrops there.
    It may take some time to get in a map you want because of the map voting system. You can cancel the match if you do not get the map you want but you’ll get a 60 second matchmaking penalty. Thankfully this does not stack and has no lasting ill effects.

    So long story short:
    3900X & 9900K both stock
    Quake Champions
    1440p medium
    Practice > TDM > Burial Chamber



    I’ve just reviewed your CPU recommendations. I looked at all three categories of Gaming, Productivity, and Extras, and I did not see a 3900X recommendation at all, which puzzles me a lot. I also read your review about ” Speed vs Throughput ” which basically explains why you do not recommend it, but after seeing yesterday’s benchmarks, I was pretty confused about what would be better 3900X or 3700X in a long run.

    Here in Europe, the price difference between the two CPUs is 180 Euro. I’m an average gamer who plays all sorts of games. Most are RPGs and Strategic, but also Competitive Shooter. I usually upgrade only when there really is something new and innovative. So it can be said that I prefer when I upgrade, to be in the long run. I’m definitely going to upgrade this year, but I’m still waiting to see new video cards from both NVIDIA and AMD. Specifically 2080Ti “SUPER” even maybe RX5900 if the rumors turn out to be true of course. Meanwhile, I have to choose a CPU and calculate some approximate price for a new build.

    In the long run, how do you think which of the two processors will be the better choice? In the long run, I mean 5-6 years.

    I’m sorry if this post is not in the right place!



    @dorutk I tried benchmarking WoW using the method you suggested but I couldn’t get the console commands to work. I did a normal run with OCAT in a game area called Deathknell:

    System: RX 5700XT, 3900X, 16GB RAM 3600 CL 16
    WOW MSAA 8X, Graphics Quality 10, DX12, MAX FPS
    80.1 FPS Avg / 51.5 min
    169.5 Avg / 108.6



    @haro I’m going to update the recommendations page this week, I’m retesting the CPUs and GPUs with the new firmware and drivers that are now available. The 3900X is way too overkill for just gaming, but if you have the money then it’s a great buy for the long run. If you have a more limited budget, the 3700X will game very close to the 3900X (or even the same depending on what resolution you play at) and the money you save can be used to buy a better GPU. Like I said, if money’s no object then the 3900X is definitely one of the best CPUs you can buy, especially if you do other things while gaming.

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